Soul Touch is OUT!



Soul Touch, the first in my Soulful Succubus series, is out.

Find it now on Amazon.

I had a great time writing this story. Forewarning that it may be a bit darker and more graphic/violent than my previous stories.

I used one of Marcus Ranum’s amazing photos in my cover. His website is here and his DA account is here for those of you who are interested.


Annabelle Pence has been living a fairly ordinary life, even while being a non-practicing succubus. Everything’s going perfectly—until she receives a certain little necklace.

The necklace is the property of Lord Ezra Incus, and he’s not too happy about it being stolen. It doesn’t seem to matter that it was gifted to her by someone else. Lord Ezra brings Annabelle to him and forces her to make a choice.

Oh yeah, the kicker? He couldn’t care less about the necklace. What he wants back is the life that was stored in it. All one hundred years.

Ezra’s going to have every second back or he’ll murder the people close to her.

That’s just one of Annabelle’s problems.

Since touching the necklace, something strange has woken inside her. Something dark and controlling. She’s losing time and sharing her body with this new presence.

It’s a losing battle, and she’s fighting two fronts. Losing her mind and her body. Will she be able to fight her way out or will she lose herself completely and give over to the darkness inside her?


Excerpt from Soul Touch:

When the human put his hand on me that’s when I knew I had found my meal. He had slowly been getting more inebriated with his friends in the last hour. Average looking guys out for a night of drinking. I had bided my time, waiting, sending out pheromones. Humans were easy prey.

I sent a rush of lust from body into him through his hand. His breath caught and I knew he was ready for me.

I turned to him. “Yes?” I asked, running my hand up the side of his waist. The feeling of touch was strange after all this time. Another thing I had missed.

His bloodshot eyes stared at me, hazy with lust and alcohol. His hand caught my wrist, squeezing tight. I could tell he wanted my hand elsewhere.

A few tables down his friends catcalled out.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked with a dreamy look on his face.

My free hand ran down his other arm, tracing it with my nails, sending more feelings through it. “No. But you have something else I want.” The last part was a growl.

“Do…do you want to get out of here?” His jaw clenched and I could see his pupils expand. A side effect from me.

“Yes,” I hissed, standing up. I pushed more feeling from myself into him.

He pulled me out of the bar without another word to his friends. They hooted and hollered as we left.

Easy prey.

It had been forever since I had tasted anything. So long, stuck inside of her. That necklace was the key. It had been so easy to shove Anna away and take her place. She had been dominate for far too long. Now it was my turn. Pleasure slid through me and I smiled. My turn.

He intended to go to his car but I persuaded him to the alley with a tug from my hands and a pout. He looked more than eager to use that instead. We walked down deep, me tugging him deeper when he paused to stop. When I was satisfied with our distance, I turned to him.

He shoved me up against the wall, scraping off some of my exposed skin with his roughness. His hands gripped me, bruising, and his lips pressed into mine mean, like the rest of him. There was nothing soft about it. No, my touch had pushed him over the edge. And that was fine. His life would heal my injuries.