Three New Releases!


Hey everyone! I’ve got some new releases. As always you can find them at The first two books are part of the Body Bargain series. There will be a third one coming out in the near future.
Thethe-trade Trade: An Outer Space Erotica (Body Bargain Book 1)
Jean Motte needs to find a fast track off the planet. After a job gone sour and the officials after her, ships are slim pickings. To make matters worse, she has no money to pay for passage.

Captain Roux isn’t interested in IOU’s. He wants something Jean isn’t willing to offer. Not at first, anyways.

Jean’s done a lot worse in the past and desperate times call for desperate measures.



The Dthe-dealeal: An Outer Space Erotica (Body Bargain Book 2)

Jean Motte has made a deal with the scoundrel Captain Roux. In exchange for safe passage, he gets a little taste of her. But, as it turns out, he wants more than just a taste. He wants a cut from her previous job.

And, what’s a girl to do? He’s flying her only means of transportation. She makes another deal with him. Offers him another piece of her pie.

But, he has underestimated her. He can have her body, but there’s no way he’s taking her money too.



Whippwhipped-creamed Cream

It had been a long day at her bakery, a long year actually, and Kim Baker has one customer left to serve. He’s taking his time to pick his sweets out, but what he wants isn’t on the menu.

Or is it?




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