Halloween Update!


Hey everyone! Sorry about the lack of erotica and blog updates in the last two weeks. I’m actually in the process of moving back to my hometown (yay!). I’m working on a ten part Halloween themed erotica and I want to have all parts released at the same time. Perfect for binge reading if I do say so myself.

This means that it’s gonna be a couple more weeks before more erotica is released. My apologies for the delay. I may end up releasing the parts individually over the next couple weeks and then having them released altogether in a big bundle. I have yet to decide.

Thank you for you patience and for reading my erotica! I’ll keep you guys updated as things change.




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Three New Releases!


Hey everyone! I’ve got some new releases. As always you can find them at amazon.com/author/paigecoal. The first two books are part of the Body Bargain series. There will be a third one coming out in the near future.
Thethe-trade Trade: An Outer Space Erotica (Body Bargain Book 1)
Jean Motte needs to find a fast track off the planet. After a job gone sour and the officials after her, ships are slim pickings. To make matters worse, she has no money to pay for passage.

Captain Roux isn’t interested in IOU’s. He wants something Jean isn’t willing to offer. Not at first, anyways.

Jean’s done a lot worse in the past and desperate times call for desperate measures.



The Dthe-dealeal: An Outer Space Erotica (Body Bargain Book 2)

Jean Motte has made a deal with the scoundrel Captain Roux. In exchange for safe passage, he gets a little taste of her. But, as it turns out, he wants more than just a taste. He wants a cut from her previous job.

And, what’s a girl to do? He’s flying her only means of transportation. She makes another deal with him. Offers him another piece of her pie.

But, he has underestimated her. He can have her body, but there’s no way he’s taking her money too.



Whippwhipped-creamed Cream

It had been a long day at her bakery, a long year actually, and Kim Baker has one customer left to serve. He’s taking his time to pick his sweets out, but what he wants isn’t on the menu.

Or is it?



New Release: The Hunting


The HuntingAnother New Release! The Hunting is now available on Amazon.  Find it and many others at amazon.com/author/paigecoal and join my mailing list. More releases coming soon! Join my mailing less for updates and a chance to read my stories before publication.


Ashley Turner, small time waitress extraordinaire. That’s me alright. Not much interesting happens in my small hodunk town. At least that’s what I thought, until this cat lands right in my lap. He’s hurt, so I do what any Good Samaritan would do in the middle of the night, I take him home.

Only problem? He turns out to be a shifter. You know, the kind that most fanatic humans hate and fear in equal measures. Raphael’s like sex on a stick and I can’t seem to keep my hands to myself. Not that he does anything to discourage that. In fact, quite the opposite.

But that’s not all. Raphael’s not from my town, he’s recently escaped after being held captive, along with countless other shifters. My once boring life is starting to get a lot more complicated, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Excerpt from the book:

It took a huge force of my willpower not to glance down.

He rubbed his hair off with my towel. The rest of his body glistened. I checked myself making sure my jaw was shut so he didn’t catch me drooling. He was playing it casual. Well, two could play that game.

Rafael smiled crookedly. His eyes were a dark, mischievous green. “I figured we could be even.”

He tossed the towel in the bathroom, striking a pose for me. One hand braced against the wall, the other one trailed down his abs and lower.

“Go on. Take a peek. I already saw you last night,” He said, boldly.

My jaw clenched and I found myself tilting my head defiantly. So be it. It would make us even. He wasn’t going to win this game. My eyes trailed slowly down, taking my time to drink my fill.